Montfarville :
Les environs
Surroundings of Montfarville les environs en français

island of Tatihou



Tatihou Island:

fortified in the 18th century : its marine museum, its bird sanctuary, concerts

Island off St Vaast la Hougue and Reville

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The Vast,

A peaceful valley along the Saire stream, shady paths in the countryside, famous for its homemade butter fluffy brioche pastry.

A history of the Vast in PDF
The Vast is a charming clearing in the woods between Boutron, Pepinvast and Boisnet .

Vast: valley calms in edge of Saire, shaded walks in the countryside, famous brioche with butter

Barflor: typical fishing port, wearing of predilection of William the Conqueror



A typical fishing harbour, a favourite of William the Conqueror's, sandy beaches, rocks, exquisite architecture, antique shops, handicraft center, shopping center, restaurants, banks, doctor's


Located south of Montfarville, Reville is a larger village (2500 acres - 1300 inhabitants…….in 1932).
A few historical facts about Reville (pdf)

What to see, what to visit: St martin's church (12th - 15th century), Crasvillerie Manor House, Houguet Manor House, Cabourg Farmhouse, St Eloi's chapel, Crasville mansion or the mill ( both are private properties). The local vegetable production at Houguet, La verdura, on regular visits on Thursdays in summer

Discover: the signposted footpath "reville's local heritage" is a 10 km/3 hours' walk, Jonville beach( facing south), sailing and windsurfing facilities at jonville, seafood collecting and fishing along the beach, poney club and riding facilities at the Val de Saire center, Le Richelieu cinema house (2 halls)

The church was built on a 12 m high hillock, the steeple can therefore be seen from far around. The granite norman style chancel and aisles underwent sorry restaurations; the nave and the tower date from the end of the 14th century, the St James's chapel from the 15th century and the Holy Virgin's chapel from the 19th century.



The second highest lighthouse in France, can be visited

Gatteville: 2nd larger headlight of France, visits possible.

Cherbourg: visit port in boat, the City of the sea,

Cherbourg :

visit the harbour by boat, the Sea World City, the Roule Fort, the D Day and liberation museum, the arsenal, shops, cinemas

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